Welcome to Roshven Hill Farm, for Hill-reared Luing and Native-breed Beef in West Scotland

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Our Cattle
Our cattle are reared in the foot hills of Roshven where they graze on wild grasses and herbs all year round supplemented with hay, vitamins and minerals in the Winter months.

During the Summer months the cattle wander freely in the hillside surrounding Roshven and we believe that this herd could be the highest grazing herd in Scotland.

Fresh Beef Cuts available from September:
Fillet steaks   Roasts:  
Sirloin steaks   Rib Roast-on  
Rib Eye steaks   Silverside  
Diced   Brisket  
Mince   Salmon Cut  
Sausages   Rolled Sirloin  
Burgers   Topside  


We are not taking orders at the moment

Treat yourself to a locally grown, free range, tender and fabulously tasty piece of the Moidart Hills.


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