Roshven Hill Farm, for Hill-reared Luing and Native-breed Beef in West Scotland

Our Hill Reared Beef
Our cattle are reared in the foot hills of Roshven where they graze on wild grasses and herbs all year round supplemented with hay, vitamins and minerals in the Winter months.

Routine wormer is the only medical drug administered. No fertilizer is used on the land other than what is naturally produced!

For ultimate taste and quality the cattle do not meet their fate until they are at least 28-30 months old and
then dry hung for 4 weeks.

A trip to Mull Abbatoir ensures that the cattle travel as short a journey as possible and that all stress is kept to a minimum. All the beef is butchered and packed on Mull.

Treat yourself to a locally grown, free range, tender and fabulously tasty piece of the Moidart Hills.

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